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a boy who retrieves balls for tennis players

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James, 13, from Lindley, was among 16 youngsters chosen to act as ballboys and girls in the Millennium Stadium showdown between Manchester United and Millwall.
First, Bernt Haas tried to retrieve it, then James O'Connor, already booked, rushed over and shoved the ballboy in the chest.
IT'S NOT MY FAULT, JOSE Chelsea manager Mourinho confronts the young ballboy at Crystal Palace
CAPTION fdhjbkfglhbkx hfdslbfgsdlxbifg hfgixblfixfg hndfklxbfgjnibnbmfgklxnfjdk Text Joke of the WeekSwansea City are advertising for a new ballboy.
His aim was to toe-poke the ball from underneath the ballboy not kick him.
The ballboy has probably learned to behave like that by watching players in the Premier League rolling around trying to win their teams free-kicks.
If he succeeds in the final trial he will be the ballboy at the finals at the O2 in London in November - which will feature the world's top eight players.
United's one-time ballboy will return to his spiritual home on Saturday a fully-fledged and respected Premier League manager.
A ballboy handed him the wrong ball for a throw-in and he set-up Mike Phillips for the winning try.
Swansea ballboy Charlie Morgan was kicked in the ribs by the Blues' Eden Hazard when he smothered the ball as the clock ticked down in Wednesday night's Capital One Cup tie.
Rodgers spent two years at the Liberty stadium before moving to Liverpool last summer and revealed he knew the ballboy well from his time in Wales.
As it is Chelsea are out of the Capital One Cup and find themselves embroiled instead in a row over a ballboy.
Ballboy Sam Gardiner, of Erdington, said: "I love the Villa so it is great to get so close to the team.
TWELVE lads from Nuneaton-based Chetwynd Jets under-14s were guests at Atherstone Town's Sheepy Road ground where they carried out ballboy duties for the Southern League Midlands fixture against Soham Town Rangers.
Owens' father, Paul Sibek, went to the school and Owens was a ballboy for the Mustangs' basketball team as a youngster.