George Balanchine

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United States dancer and choreographer (born in Russia) noted for his abstract and formal works (1904-1983)


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Martha Graham and George Ballanchine gifted the world of dance with new forms of body and music unions.
The Museum intends to initially make 200 seminars available on its web site including conversations with Steve Allen, Lucille Ball, George Ballanchine, Carol Burnette, Sid Caesar, Jacques Cousteau, Peter Falk, Bob Hope, Dick Van Dyke and many others.
From the late 1950s, when American choreographer George Ballanchine produced his own version, The Nut-cracker became as much a tradition as Father Christmas and Christmas trees.
It owes a greater debt to Busby Berkeley than Ballanchine, although choreographer Debbie McGee has a gift of inventive mime that ranges from the mischievous and comic to the deeply tender.