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Now for the same label Hough turns his attention to eight solo masterpieces by Chopin, interleaving the Ballades and Scherzos into roughly contemporaneous pairings.
Episodes emerge confidingly, almost shyly, later to reappear in splendid strength: sample the fabulous G minor Ballade as an example.
The structure of the ballade is the armature around which a host of other conventions agglomerate: to jettison the former is to rob the latter of any context.
The late John Ogdon said that the F Minor Ballade "contains the experience of a lifetime": In the hands of the 24-year-old South Korean it felt like that sort of musical distillation.
Chopin was a master of ambiguity and musical sleight of hand, like Beethoven, and in the Ballades it can be difficult to hear what is there under the surface.
L'ensemble propose des ballades a son auditoire avec des instruments historiques, originaux et authentiques.
La lutte avec le monstre archaique maternel est figuree dans des nombreuses ballades populaires.
The lack of Ballades as Maresch explains was as a result of the floods that hit the Honda factory in Thailand late last year.
In order to justify his interpretation and demonstrate the meanings of musical gestures, Bellman offers a broad discussion of the context in which the Ballade was composed, the musical realities in which Chopin created it, and, in particular, the ballades from operas that enjoyed huge popularity at that time and with which the composer was perfectly familiar.
Lectures de Charles d'Orleans: Les Ballades (Didact Francais), Rennes, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2010; paperback; pp.
Starting with Robert Schumann, commentators on the ballades have been most inclined to see a literary model, and link Chopin's ballades, generally and in particular, to the literary ballads of the famous Polish poet and Chopin contemporary, Adam Mickiewicz.
Six Chopin-Liszt song transcriptions will be performed, along with original Liszt works - most of which were composed a few years after Chopin's death, at age 39, and inspired by genres that are usually associated with Chopin: two polonaises, two ballades and "Berceuse.
Mondelinge oordraging is gewoonlik kommunaal--ook die volksballade, sodat die samesteller se opmerking dat "tweederdes van die ballades totaal anoniem oorgelewer is" nie vreemd opval nie.
10 Ballades by Brahms, Debussy's Estampes and Beethoven's Sonata Op.
He includes straightforward ballades with only an occasional triplet, as well as relentless ostinati (a la "Linus and Lucy"), shifting Latin rhythms, hemiolic passages and some more challenging keys (b-flat minor, D-flat major).