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a poem consisting of 3 stanzas and an envoy

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Veral deut die denke van Adorno beihvloed, gebruik die Duitse digter en sosiale kommentator Hans Magnus Enzensberger die begrip "historiese dialektiek" as belangrike tema in twee van sy literere werke: "Mausoleum: siebenunddreiBig Balladen aus der Geschichte des Fortschritts" en "Der Untergang der Titanic".
The protagonist of Balladen om Antonie, Antonie della Casa di Felicita, is the daughter of a rather unlikely but very enchanting couple: a young Faroese science professor, Anders Debes, and Lorenza della Casa di Felicita, an Italian opera singer studying in Copenhagen for a year.
He also wrote Manner und Helden (1850; "Men and Heroes") and Balladen (1861; "Ballads"), stirring celebrations of heroic and dramatic events.
However, in the 28th, edition of this book (1884), the editor (now Carl Ostrogge) presented Uhland's complete Wanderlieder cycle and noted that was "equally excellent in his Lieder as in the romances and ballads" (gleich vortrefflich in seinen Liedern wie in den Balladen und Romanzen, p.
In "Gluhendes Wort zum Ideal uber der versagenden Realitat-- zu Schillers Balladen," for instance, Peter Pabisch regrets that the ballad form has fallen so far outside the mainstream since Schiller's time.
TONNI ARNOLD'S Balladen om Marie (Ballad About Marie) reads like a novel because of the poignant, dramatic, and intensely passionate life of its subject, Marie Kroyer, the wife of Denmark's pre-eminent painter of the late nineteenth century, Peter Severin Kroyer, and of Sweden's composer, Don Juan, and bon vivant par excellence Hugo Alfven, and an aspiring artist in her own right, a painter whose efforts and creativity were thwarted, dimmed, never given an esteemed place during the artist's turbulent life-time.
He produced, in verse, Extramundana (1883), seven cosmic myths of his own invention; Balladen (1896); Literarische Gleichnisse(1892; "Literary Parables"); and two cycles of lyrics, Schmetterlinge (1889; "Butterflies") and Gras- und Glockenlieder (1906; "Grass and Bell Songs").
His collected works, Samtliche Lieder und Balladen ("Collected Songs and Ballads"), appeared in 1912.
Englishe Balladen und Sonette, fur Violoncello und Klavier (2003).
Funfzehn Lieder, Humoresken und Balladen aus Des Knaben Wunderhorn fur Singstimme und Klavier.