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a cap with a bill

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That was almost six years ago, and by now the most wilfully blind are reporting that even the ball cap is now ablaze and things will only likely get worse when NATO pulls out in 2014.
Simple," she said, "you're wearing your new DAV ball cap.
Award-winning journalist (and ball cap collector) James Lilliefors presents Ball Cap Nation: A Journey Through the World of America's National Hat, an amazing history of the baseball cap accessible to readers of all backgrounds, from sports enthusiasts to serious-minded scholars of fashion and headwear.
In the August issue on page 8 is a man shooting an AR-15 wearing a ball cap with "Team GUNS" on it.
He is described as being white, about 6ft 3ins tall, medium build, 20 to 23 years old and was wearing a checked base ball cap and dark tracksuit bottoms.
Pictured above are CAPT Jim Shields, Commander, Naval Forces Europe (CNE)-C6F N4, presenting the Ship's Master, CAPT Randall Rockwood, a command ball cap, thanking him for spending time with the group and discussing the ship's replenishment capabilities.
My handkerchief was draped over my head, secured in place by my ball cap.
Briscoe, wearing a hood and basket ball cap, brandished the knife with eight-inch serrated blade at the woman and threatened to stab her unless she gave him money.
ENS Michelle Back, presents a patient at Riverside County Regional Medical Center Children's Hospital with a command ball cap from USS Thach (FFG 43).
Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, left, shakes hands with Herb Seiden, 80, whose ball cap shows his new retired status in the office.
Among my possessions I have a Winning Hoops polo shirt and a Poop Sheet (now ACC Sports Journal) ball cap ("Poop Is What's Happening").
wearing a ski mask, ball cap, and hood; and he announced that it was a robbery.
He was possibly wearing a base ball cap, although he is also described as having dark wispy hair.
Dressed in a green baseball jacket and a red ball cap, he looks like a Christmas tree that's just stumbled out of bed.
The standard issue ball cap with "Navy" across the brow attracts attention in Newport News, Va.