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bearings containing small metal balls

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But his secret was discovered when police found modified fireworks, ball bearings, a pyrotechnics manual and a computer file named "gunpowder mix" at his home.
Myonics--tiny ball bearings used in medical applications--are now manufactured in the United States, Germany and the Czech Republic.
In contrast, ball bearings have a low torque and are capable of supporting thrust, however there were no ball bearings available to meet the thrust load capacities required for such applications.
The Comp Turbo Technology oil-less turbocharger, employs the well proven TRIPLEX CERAMIC [TM] ball bearing system, wherein the ball bearings are lubricated by high temperature grease.
Rahul who belongs to a lower middle class family said that the doctor had advised to undergo another operation to get rid of the odd splinters and around 30 ball bearings lodged in his stomach.
Police are looking for witnesses after the ball bearings were fired at Droitwich Garage, in Kidderminster Road.
While inspecting the suspect area, Petty Officer Rivas and a quality-assurance representative found it was worn, and the race was missing ball bearings.
Ball bearings are often used in wheel applications because they are cheap and get the job done, but tapered roller bearings have long been the gold standard (both in the senses of price and quality).
Father-of-two David Burrows (44), from Norfolk, forgot the ball-bearing gun, loaded with steel ball bearings, was in his bag as he made his way through security at Stansted Airport, Chelmsford Crown Court heard.
A MEETING to discuss youth crime was disrupted when dopey yobs fired ball bearings through the window.
Police later arrested the youngster, who was carrying a BB gun, which fires ball bearings.
First, the rotary union uses ball bearings to maintain accurate alignment of the seals.
The particles act as miniature ball bearings, rolling to reduce friction between surfaces, says Reshef Tenne of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.
with one count of trafficking in counterfeit ball bearings.
PKB maintains the shortest factory lead time for domestic ball bearings with delivery of catalog bearings available in just 8 - 10 weeks.