ball-and-socket joint

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a joint that can rotate within a socket

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BALL AND SOCKET JOINT A ball and socket joint allows the widest range of tge of movemen forwa rota hip movement - backwards or forwards, sideways and rotation.
NEARLY every joint in the body has been subjected to arthroscopy or keyhole surgical treatment, therefore keyhole surgery for the hip joint, which is the largest and most load bearing ball and socket joint in body, does not come as a surprise, although it is a relatively new phenomenon.
Hip, hip for treatment DEVELOPMENTAL dysplasia of the hip covers a variety of conditions in which the ball and socket joint do not develop properly.
The hip consists of a ball and socket joint and a femoral head fracture is an injury to the ball portion of the joint.
The Shielded Reamer incorporates a ball and socket joint that articulates in the middle of the assembly easing pull loads during product installation.