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a facility in which ball games are played (especially baseball games)

near to the scope or range of something

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We couldn't be more proud to align our brand with 42 and celebrate the life of Robinson while also rewarding our fans," said Timothy Smith, Vice President of Marketing, Ball Park brand.
The suit claims Oscar Mayer is presenting a taste superiority claim against the entire line of Ball Park branded hot dogs--this is both false and misleading to consumers," Sara Lee said.
OHIO May 22--Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, Ohio; Family Night.
If that's not you, try Healthy Choice Low Fat Franks (made with turkey and pork) or Ball Park Bun Size Smoked White Turkey Franks, though both have a tad too much sodium for an Honorable Mention.
The late BILL VEECK, former Chicago White Sox owner and perhaps baseball's most imaginative promoter: "I have discovered, in 20 years of moving around a ball park, that the knowledge of the game is usually in inverse proportion to the price of the seats.
There are a few sections of very interesting discussion on the modern ball park and its feel and function, but that is not the main thrust of the text.
Sara Lee has announced that its Food & Beverage division has appointed Kim Feil as senior vice president and chief marketing officer to lead all marketing efforts for the company's retail brands in North America, including Sara Lee, Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Ball Park and Senseo.
The cost of the enterprise, masterminded by Spanish chain Grupo Silken, has yet to be properly calculated, but around [euro]75 million is thought to be in the ball park.
We'd like to find a relatively inexpensive way to get a ball park figure.
Your mileage may vary, but those numbers are usually in the ball park.
Regardless of whether Moyes has had any money to spend or not, we should have been looking at picking up five or six wins against teams in the same ball park as us.
The field at High Church, Morpeth, will include a toddlers' play area, ball park, teen shelter and space for community events.
From the Padres' point of view, there is another reason why the club's relationship with the Devils makes sense: About 10% of the 28,000 fans who fill the San Diego team's ball park on game day are Mexicans who cross the border from Tijuana, says Kevin Towers, the Padres' Executive Vice President General Manager.
Just remember - whatever price you're quoted is only a ball park figure.
MORE EVIDENCE THAT WE NEED not less but smarter, tougher regulation comes from the case of the Ball Park frankfurters.