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This investment in Gradiska is an important step towards a stronger integration of the entire region of the Western Balkans in line with the new strategy for the Western Balkans.
He has a PhD in ethnology about the Egyptian community in the Balkans from Ethnographic Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Science in Sofia.
Balkan Natural Adventure has agreed to support Arineta with sales and all operations related to the Peaks of the Balkans tour.
Investment in transport and energy systems, as a driver of growth and jobs creation have been a priority for European policymakers ever since the leaders of the six Western Balkans countries first met at the EBRD in 2014.
Belene NPP with EU funding, with all of us shareholders, "We have 2 paid new nuclear reactors for 2200 megawatts, we have paid them and are in boxes," said Borisov, who said that we could really achieve diversification in the Balkans, people in the Balkans will believe us, when they see us with the bulldozers that we are building and that we are aware that through wars and proving who is stronger nothing is achieved and we are the poorest, so I am really happy that we are together here, "said Borisov.
In recent years, the Western Balkan countries have made strides in reforming public finances and rekindling economic growth, but citizens may not yet feel the benefits of this progress," said Linda Van Gelder, World Bank Director for the Western Balkans.
The menu at Baba showcases Balkan cuisine that takes inspiration from European tapas, with brunch all day and dinner in the evenings.
Also, the author advances the claim that the peoples in the Balkans, having lost any enthusiasm for the multiethnic status quo, predominantly strive to finally accomplish the imagined monoethnic greater state projects - so-called Greater Serbia, Greater Croatia and Greater Albania.
The Balkan Wars are among the harshest defeats the Ottomans ever experienced.
By integrating into this popular platform of over 20 television channels, Al Jazeera Balkans will deepen its reach into TV homes in the Balkans and offer viewers the benefits of superior HD quality.
Operator of communication satellites Eutelsat Communications (Paris:ETL) and Al Jazeera Balkans announced on Tuesday, at the NEM media event in Dubrovnik, that Al Jazeera Balkans is joining the TEAM:SAT TV platform operated by TEAM:MEDIA and will broadcast exclusively in High Definition, free-to-air from the EUTELSAT 16A satellite.
At the Western Balkans Investment Summit, in the presence of all regional prime ministers, the European Union confirmed its intention to provide a 12 million [euro] grant to support construction of the first electricity interconnector between Albania and Macedonia and the introduction of grid efficiency improvements to the infrastructure of MEPSO, the electricity transmission system operator of Macedonia.
Aside from the ministers of foreign affairs of the countries of V4, the Western Balkans and Croatia, the Meeting was also attended by the First Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, the British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Philip Hammond, and the Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council, Goran Svilanovic.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkey's political Islamist oligarchy, after having consolidated power and effectively controlling every mechanism of the state, is now using cultural, historical and religious links to the Balkans as a means to advance religious fanaticism in southeastern Europe, trampling the rational and traditional interests of Turkey, which are grounded in boosting trade and strengthening stability and security in the Balkans.
The history of the Balkans is entangled indeed--and in this volume, two Bulgarian historians gather together a team of scholars to take an approach to it that reflects this complexity.