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divide a territory into small, hostile states

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Today's letter is the latest in a series of calls against balkanizing the Internet through local regulations.
This has led right-wing critics like Georgie Anne Geyer to charge that the INS is opening our national gates to a flood of barbarians whose failure to assimilate will end up balkanizing the nation.
Decentralization does not entail breaking the economic union or balkanizing the social union: it simply means forcing local and provincial governments to provide the level of services they can afford.
Instead of arguing that emerging technologies will create a hyper-centralized brave new world, many now fret that ever-advancing PCs and broadband networks are balkanizing society into smaller and smaller niche markets.
Multiculturalism is a polite euphemism for Balkanizing the United States.
The feeling is you are Balkanizing the county,'' said Tim Egan, an MTA lobbyist.
Nonetheless, would Balkanizing the MTA necessarily lead to better services for locals, and would it not impact those commuters across the region for whom the Valley is either a destination or major transit hub?
It is a Balkanizing vision of our education system, and indeed of America, that we should move away from as quickly as possible.