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divide a territory into small, hostile states

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Amid the highly balkanized world of contemporary Chinese security studies, the ongoing dialogue of these two Naval War College professors has produced a perceptive, balanced analysis that remains sensitive to operational constraints and escapes the narrow perspective often characterizing works by single authors.
It won't be in our interest for Myanmar to be Balkanized.
mainly to work, that our prosperity will likely increase with them here, that our culture will be richer as a result, are all worthless if the America that results is a balkanized collection of self-interests vying for status as most aggrieved.
As conservative Episcopal dioceses and parishes align themselves with likeminded overseas bishops, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said he fears a balkanized religious map.
As many as 30,000 Palestinians would be absorbed in this annexation, and many more would live in Balkanized pockets surrounded by Israeli territory.
State parties' lists are balkanized, there's no flow of data to or from the DNC.
In the balkanized networking environment of the early 1990s the GEDI model made sense.
It's like turbo codes balkanized to the nth degree," MeEliece says.
The decidedly uncosmopolitan citizens of Paul Haggis' balkanized Los Angeles live and work cheek to jowl with a rainbow coalition of races and ethnicities, all the while muttering and screaming a common string of racial epithets and slurs at their unloved neighbors.
It seems to me things have become more and more Balkanized.
The resulting Balkanized regulation sends companies to seek more certainty in terms of national uniformity from Washington.
2) Nash is concerned that campuses could be fragmented and Balkanized by religious groups if they do not have opportunities to come together for open dialogue in intentionally designated multifaith dialogue spaces.
Of course such a ruling would come with a love note from the Court that, if it chooses, Congress could solve the dilemma too and unify what are now Balkanized rules of the alcohol road.
Meanwhile, poorer and mostly minority families are Balkanized into dysfunctional, racially segregated public schools, turning our low-income Latino and African-American families into a permanent underclass.