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divide a territory into small, hostile states

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In a desperate last ditch effort, the US may try to seize and expand 'buffer zones' within Syrian territory in the hope that these expansions can at least Balkanize Syria before Russia and Syria are able to roll back terrorist forces from most vital regions.
Balkanize the internet community As we pointed out yesterday, Microsoft supports a different version of Dynamic HTML in its browser than the one supported by Netscape.
Canada is fundamentally a "community of communities" much like Switzerland; attempts to homogenize it and impose top-down national standards on diverse communities will, at best, balkanize it and at worst fracture it (Migue 1994).
Then, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, author of the majority opinion, attacked new majority-minority districts, saying they "may Balkanize us into competing racial factions.
The first configuration favors an open, diverse, cooperative society that honors mutual respect, while the second would balkanize society into sectarian and ideologica enclaves divided by dogma, suspicion, distrust, and bigotry.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- American physician and peace activist Dahlia Wasfi believes that the US government has hypocritically turned a blind eye to the suffering of the people of Bahrain under the oppression and crackdown by the Al Khalifa regime, while using the unrest in Syria to Balkanize and disintegrate the country and further its agenda for the Greater Middle East.
There is even an outside chance some Springfielders might now agree with a 2004 Register-Guard editorial, which warned that building a city jail would tend to balkanize support for financing county corrections.
Although a nation-specific museum might seem to balkanize its subjects, the Neue Galerie may instead provide a welcome chance to test the questionable boundaries between the so-called fine and decorative arts--no matter the country.
What we should be pressing for now is to build upon the final LAFCO work and figure out not how to balkanize but to provide proportional resource allocation and power to the entire city, especially the Valley.
Vouchers would also further balkanize schools; more middle class parents would flee, leaving poorer kids in a system with less money and less public support.
Yet it's a glaring sign of how deeply flawed our state tax system is - and how lacking this state's leadership is - that counties and local communities may soon be faced with the choice of either losing valuable public services or enacting local tax measures that are not sustainable and that balkanize what was once a unified state.
Said Cheswick, "My advice to GOVNET designers is to balkanize many tiny networks with maybe 40 machines each, that mistrust each other.