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divide a territory into small, hostile states

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Vouchers drain money away from public schools, there is no solid evidence that they boost student achievement and they threaten to balkanize children along religious lines.
On gas prices, consumers should benefit from an overhaul of "boutique" gasolines -- the 15 or so different blends of gasoline mandated around the country, which Balkanize gas markets and drive up prices when bottlenecks occur.
Balkanize the internet community As we pointed out yesterday, Microsoft supports a different version of Dynamic HTML in its browser than the one supported by Netscape.
The first configuration favors an open, diverse, cooperative society that honors mutual respect, while the second would balkanize society into sectarian and ideologica enclaves divided by dogma, suspicion, distrust, and bigotry.
We urge our fellow Nigerians not to be enemies of good governance and we also wish to reiterate that the general public should discountenance the activities of certain elements whose stock in trade is to destabilize and balkanize the country to the peril of peace, unity and well being of Nigerians.
TEHRAN (FNA)- While Turkey has dreams to re-establish itself as the Ottoman Empire by grabbing Syrian territories, US warhawks are planning to balkanize Syria into different "buffer zones;" however, Moscow has upset both Washington and Ankara's applecart, Salman Rafi Sheikh said.
Although a nation-specific museum might seem to balkanize its subjects, the Neue Galerie may instead provide a welcome chance to test the questionable boundaries between the so-called fine and decorative arts--no matter the country.
We don't want to continue to Balkanize people because this will be a merged staff," he says.
Washington and its allies are currently seeking to balkanize Syria by creating so-called "buffer zones" within the country, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher Tony Cartalucci underscores, Sputnik reported.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- American physician and peace activist Dahlia Wasfi believes that the US government has hypocritically turned a blind eye to the suffering of the people of Bahrain under the oppression and crackdown by the Al Khalifa regime, while using the unrest in Syria to Balkanize and disintegrate the country and further its agenda for the Greater Middle East.
What we should be pressing for now is to build upon the final LAFCO work and figure out not how to balkanize but to provide proportional resource allocation and power to the entire city, especially the Valley.