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divide a territory into small, hostile states

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They also want to ensure the start of a new Balkanization process in Asia, including Turkey, after the coup in Egypt.
They would do this with the aim of planting the seeds of division, balkanization and rupture, every time signs of a crisis would loom on the horizon.
The Moroccan autonomy initiative is backed by the majority of deputies at the US Congress, for whom the autonomy project under the Moroccan sovereignty is the unique and feasible solution to the issue, she recalled, noting that the implementation of the Sahara autonomy plan will guarantee security and stability in the Sahel region and north Africa and avert balkanization, extremism and terrorism.
The paper said "regrettably, Arab leaders stood idly by and watched the Balkanization of Sudan because they are afraid to face the same fate.
One of the outcomes of the way FERPA has frequently been interpreted was the Balkanization of student support services that exist on a university campus, particularly at large universities.
The country has come a long way, emerging from what was widely described as 'Africa's First World War,' which involved nine foreign armies and numerous domestic and foreign armed groups fighting on its soil, and ending the balkanization that threatened its very existence," Ban said in his report to the council.
AaAaAa "It has a strategic dimension since it aims to achieve development and Maghreb integration, ensure security and stability in the Sahel, the Sahara and North Africa, and prevent balkanization, extremism and terrorism," pointed out HM the king.
According to this, the word balkanization presents a term for different religions, different ethnic communities that fight each other for supremacy of their own religion, their ethnic background, language and culture, and this is a reason for various conflicts, wars and hardships to appear.
In 2005, leaders convened in Paris to figure out how to overcome this balkanization.
Aside from difficulties in governmentwide management, this balkanization of the civil service has several serious side effects.
His installation implies balkanization on physical, biographical, and political levels.
The Fourth Circuit also noted that this decision prevents the very type of "regulatory balkanization that Congress sought to avoid by enacting ERISA's preemption provision.
Balkanization worked in an analogous situation in Bosnia.
Q: How can Catholicism be a bulwark against individualism and the balkanization of culture?