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divide a territory into small, hostile states

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The second corollary is that, using its newfound strength, Africa can start bargaining seriously through the WTO and other forums for a more equal dispensation in world trade, something which in its present state (other than South Africa), balkanised and beholden to aid donors, it can not do.
Iraq won't become Balkanised because an army of occupation (codename: `peacekeeping force') will see to it that it doesn't do anything that might mess up the pipelines.
Second, as the Europeans planned their hasty and forced departure from Africa at the end of the colonial era, they saw to it that Africa was cruelly balkanised.
IDENTITY cards are on the political agenda and Home Secretary David Blunkett had better get used to the idea that his boss has for ever balkanised UK plc.
A Balkanised Britain would become anantagonistic groupof nations of no consequence in the wider world soon to be dominated by China and India.
The result is that our school system is being needlessly balkanised, and in the process we are wasting money and worst of all wasting children's time.