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divide a territory into small, hostile states

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If we Balkanise the network by accident, we will foreclose opportunities we could have - let's be very careful about that," he added.
We also wanted to unearth a conspiracy to balkanise Pakistan and let the world know how a democratic leader heroically laid down her life to foil the designs against the country and thereby to honour her internationally," The News quoted Zardari, as saying.
Obviously, there might be some actors within in Pakistan or within region, but we want really expose the whole conspiracy, because we think that this was a kind of a beginning of an attempt to Balkanise Pakistan.
Speaking at the Welsh Grand Committee in Westminster Mr Hain said: "The Conservative proposition to carve up and balkanise parliament simply wouldn't work and would create a constitutional monstrosity.
These assemblies have no constitutional basis, compete for limited public financial resources with county assemblies and do nothing more than balkanise Kenya further along ethnic lines.
AMID the ongoing sedition row at the Jawaharlal Nehru University ( JNU), army veterans on Sunday said the handful of varsity students were not responsible for the antinational activities and blamed external forces for funding their antinational agenda to balkanise the country.
Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith blasted "Tory gerrymandering" and former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has warned it would be "fatal to Balkanise Westminster" and create two classes of MPs.
Without it, global finance would remain fragile; and to protect against that, the international financial system would balkanise as individual countries sought to protect themselves.
This is, however, an attempt by the EU, with Government connivance, to balkanise our nation into regions, resulting in another expensive layer of bureaucracy to be paid for in higher taxes.