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divide a territory into small, hostile states

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Nkrumah was opposed to balkanisation as much as he was opposed to colonialism in Africa.
If something happens to Pakistan, the whole region will be plunged into Balkanisation.
And there is the looming ultimate disaster of the destruction of our independent nation and its Balkanisation and absorption into EU regions.
Mr Brown must be living in an ivory tower if he thinks the average voter has any understanding of Balkanisation.
It can lead to only one thing: the Balkanisation of Britain.
Debate is just as inhibited in the United Nations, where the old colonial powers sometimes seem even more determined than the Africans themselves to avoid what is pejoratively called Balkanisation of Africa.
Treuil adds pungent remarks on nationalism and archaeological balkanisation with a demand for studying themes rather than 'cultures'.
Will the military sit back and watch the country's Balkanisation as Irian Jaya, Aceh and Ambon secede?
Des questions sur la balkanisation et la plethore du champ normatif, sur le lien normes et lois, sur les normes et l'ethique ou encore sur la certification et ses mobiles.
Bien au-dela du syndrome de la balkanisation, vehiculee par le cas yougoslave, la [beaucoup moins que]somalisation[beaucoup plus grand que] en marche mine les fondements de l'Etat syrien.
THE Balkanisation of Britain is an unattractive proposition but Alex Salmond's obsession with destroying the UK will make Scots, and indeed all of us, think about the future.
3 (ANI): Cricketer-turned-politician and the Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has said that India is working towards balkanisation of Pakistan.
This explains the Balkanisation which is now taking place.
WHEN Peter Hain raises the spectre of Balkanisation are we to assume that he would have preferred the continuation of a one-party state, dominated by one of its constituent groups which supressed the cultures and aspirations of its minorities?