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The programme thus supports economic reconstruction in the Western Balkan states and establishes a network for German business and industry throughout the region.
So I am afraid that unless those who want to turn the clock back to the days before World War II are seeking a period of ethnic cleansing similar to that attempted in the Balkan states, they should accept that there is no caste system in Wales.
This year's Congress was dedicated to great Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's 130th birthday and the need for scientific explanation of the importance of the events at the time of the creation of the modern Balkan states, with an attempt to scientifically interpret the historical, social cultural and economic relations between Turkey, Macedonia and the Balkans in the context of the past, the present and the future.
Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and API sourcing in Central Europe and the Balkan states 2011
Topics to be discussed during the forum include "Democratic Peace and Media," "Democratization Process, Multiculturalism and the Media," "Media within the Framework of EU Membership," "EU Membership Process and Media," "Peaceful Coexistence in the Balkans, Shared Values and the Media," "Role of the Media in Promoting Regional Peace and Stability" and "Media Responsibility in Forging the Future: The Balkan States Media Platform.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Sarajevo today at start of a tour to several Balkan states.
Neither Nabucco's nor ITGI's promoters considered extending inter-connectors linking their combined transit capacity of 42 BCM/year to any of the Western Balkan states.
A day's stay or two in Istanbul is considered ideal for tourists before proceeding to the new states carved out of the erstwhile Yugoslavia," said Aslan, whose company is preparing a host of packages to meet the travel requirements of tourists to the Balkan states from the Asian continent.
DESPITE being drawn alongside three powerful Balkan states in the Euro 2000 qualifiers, Ireland managed to split Yugoslavia and Croatia and were rewarded with a play-off against Turkey.
Plans are already afoot for a similar cooperation athletic championship involving high-level athletes from a cluster of countries including the US, France, Germany, Russia and Italy on one side and the Balkan States on the other on October 31.
Apart from Kosovo, other Balkan states to celebrate the feast starting on Friday include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.
Others, including the leaders of Baltic and Balkan states, came by car for the stately event.
There is a case for London, for without an overall authority London could become a series of warring, Balkan states, but the idea does not fit in with the concept of real local democracy in the UK.
The Bush administration, for its part, will need to support integration of Serbia and other Balkan states into NATO and promise that U.
Then come Albania and the Balkan states of Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.