Balkan state

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any one of the countries on the Balkan Peninsula

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President Abdullah Gul said a more stable situation would occur if all Balkan states united under Euro-Atlantic organization.
David Collins, secretary-general of the Football Association of Wales, is hopeful of completing a deal to play the Balkan state on February 12.
The soldier was part of the 30,000 strong peace-keeping force from 40 countries helping out in the wartorn Balkan state.
Wu said the second batch is expected to stay in the Balkan state for about one month.
Political scientists and economists in mostly European academia, government, and the finance industry offer a kaleidoscope of views on the Balkan state from the perspectives of European integration, the past and present of the nation and state, and economic challenges today.
Almost 240 stationed in the Balkan state will stay for another year while the seven in Afghanistan are to remain for a period to be determined by Defence Minister Willie O'Dea.
Dimitar Atanassov, mayor of the Bulgarian town of Elhovo, which has recently become home to almost 300 British families, will today be speaking about the features which have attracted so many people to the Balkan state.
Guardsman Paul Liddy is serving with the Welsh Guards in Banja Luka, at the centre of the former war-torn Balkan state.
Back home yesterday in Findern, near Derby, Richard Hudson said one-man blockades in the Balkan state and at NATO's Brussels HQ by Shropshire haulier 'T-pot' Jenkins had been vital in highlighting his plight.
He was part of the 30,000 strong peacekeeping force drawn from 40 countries to help out in the wartorn Balkan state.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday rejected media reports that two Iranian diplomats have been expelled from Bosnia and Herzegovina, stressing that the two have returned home after their mission ended in the Balkan state.
Bob Stewart was the first British United Nations commander in the Balkan state in the wake of the civil war that ripped apart former Yugoslavia.
The UN Assembly, comprised of 195 members, will make the final decision on the membership of the small, war-torn Balkan state.
PODGORICA, Montenegro, Muharram 04, 1437, October 17, 2015, SPA -- Montenegrin police have used tear gas to break up a protest by the opposition demanding the government's resignation and an early election in the small Balkan state, AP reported.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Kosovo police have arrested 40 men on suspicion of having fought with extremist ISIL insurgents in Syria and Iraq, a crackdown aimed at deterring recruitment of volunteer militants, authorities in the small Balkan state said.