Balkan Mountains

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the major mountain range of Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula

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The Balkan Mountains divide Bulgaria's north and south; the southern part shares some of the Mediterranean influence as Italy, while other terroir is similar to France.
The coast itself is naturally set in a small bay, protected by the slopes of the Balkan Mountain to the north.
My fixation with the myth of Orpheus led me to the lands of ancient Thrace, right to this historic city situated between the Rhodope Mountains (the legendary homeland of Orpheus), the Thracian Plains and the Balkan Mountain Range.
The entire city of Sofia, most of the Sofia valley, Stara Planina (the Balkan Mountain range) as well as the Rila Mountain range and Musala summit--the highest mountain in southeastern Europe--are all visible from there.
Balkan mountain tribesmen who consumed a quart a day often lived more than 100 years.
The analysis indicated that within 400 years of entering Europe, the founding population split into at least three major groups: One stayed in the Balkan Mountains, another pressed north of the Danube River, and the third moved on to Western Europe.
New 4-wheel-drive adventures explore the rugged trails of Corfu, the natural beauty of Croatia's Konavle region (from Dubrovnik), and the Balkan Mountains (from Nesebur, Bulgaria).
So when you encounter either high up in the Balkan mountains on a road resembling a tank test track, it's good to know you are driving a capable vehicle.
So when you encounter either high in the Balkan mountains on a road resembling a tank test track, it's good to know you are driving a capable vehicle.
Native to the Balkan Mountains, feverfew has been used for over two millennia as a traditional herbal medicine to prevent migraines.
After almost five centuries of Ottoman domination (1396-1878), the Bulgarian state was reestablished as the Principality of Bulgaria, covering the land between the Danube River and the Balkan Mountains (except Northern Dobrudja which was given to Romania) as well as the region of Sofia, which became the new state's capital.
Various peaks of the Balkan Mountains -- which divide the country into two -- are excellent for mountaineering and skiing.
It has initiated a breeding programme for the griffon and black vultures for restoration of their populations in their former ranges in Bulgaria and especially in the Balkan Mountains.
The Pass of the Republic, the mountain pass in the Balkan Mountains connecting Veliko Tarnovo and Gurkovo, is still closed for traffic.
At the bottom of the Balkan mountains near the border of Serbia, you will find another hidden treasure [ETH] a beautiful castle in the fairy tale location of Belogradchik where youOll also find the fortress of rocks.