Balkan Wars

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two wars (1912-1913) that were fought over the last of the European territories of the Ottoman Empire and that left the area around Constantinople (now Istanbul) as the only Ottoman territory in Europe

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Many of us still remember the atrocities of the Balkan Wars of the 1990s.
The Balkan Wars contained almost all of the horrific elements of WWI, notably in their eruption as a multi-state conflict which included mobilization of not only the armies but also the entire public.
McDermid, a deft hand at crafting murder mysteries heavily laced with psychological suspense, pulls off a tidy trick here, manipulating three distinct story strands that cast a wide net across present-day Scotland (think independence referendum, economic challenges, and banking-crisis repercussions) and the Balkan Wars of the 1990s.
Mladic, now frail and grey, began by refuting charges relating to the 1992-1996Sarajevosiege, where a large portion of around 100,000 war deaths during the Balkan wars took place.
The Balkan Wars and the Treaty of Bucharest (1912-1913) represent a historic milestone for the entire region.
The award was scheduled as part of Bulgaria's celebration of the 100th anniversary since the start of the Balkan War in October 1912, in which Bulgarian troops liberated much of the Bulgarian-populated parts of the Southern Balkan Peninsula from the rule of the Ottoman Empire.
The notoriety of the fans dates back to the Balkan wars when they were recruited to fight rival Bosnian Muslims and Catholic Croats as paramilitary forces, including the late warlord Zeljko Raznatovic's 'Arkan's Tigers'.
After chairing a conference at a think tank in Ankara, Lagumdzija will be off to ystanbul to take part in a conference titled "From Balkan Wars to Balkan Peace," which will be held as part of events marking 2012 the 100th anniversary of the First Balkan War.
Oscar-winner Cruz stars with Emile Hirsch in the film, which is set against the backdrop of the Balkan Wars.
Indeed, conflict in the Balkans, starting with the 1912-1913 Balkan Wars and ending with the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, serve as bookends in the "Long War" thesis taken up by Richard C.
They want to raise awareness of landmine problems which remain a legacy of the Balkan wars of the 1990s.
Summary: Serbia's last war crimes fugitive from the Balkan wars, Goran Hadzic, has been arrested.
RATKO Mladic could be on his way to face a war-crimes tribunal in The Hague as early as Monday, possibly joining his former ally Radovan Karadzic on trial for some of the worst horrors of the Balkan wars.
Gotovina was convicted of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity, including murder, deportation, persecution and inhuman acts, during and immediately after a lightning campaign called Operation Storm that seized back land along Croatia's eastern border taken over by rebel Serbs early in the Balkan wars.
NIKOLA MADZIROV was born to a family of Balkan Wars refugees in