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two wars (1912-1913) that were fought over the last of the European territories of the Ottoman Empire and that left the area around Constantinople (now Istanbul) as the only Ottoman territory in Europe

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Photographs and documents from the First Balkan War are now available online thanks to the Bulgarian State Archives Agency.
The First Balkan War, which lasted from October 1912 to May 1913, pitted the Balkan League (Serbia, Greece, Montenegro and Bulgaria) against the Ottoman Empire.
We are now coming to the point where continued inaction will launch the events that will widen the Balkan war and that event is Serbian forces attacking the Kosovans in the south of Kosovo and sending refugees over into Macedonia, which destabilises that country," said Mr Ashdown.
In all, over the course of the Balkan Wars, some 200,000 soldiers died in less than a year with countless numbers of civilians massacred in raids on towns or laid low by starvation and disease.
This week marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the First Balkan War (October 1912 to May 1913).
Bulgarian critics quicked retorted that Ottoman Turkey undertook an ethnic cleasing campaign in what is today its European territory after recapturing it from Bulgaria in the Second Balkan War in 1913.
This happened at the seige of Edirne during the First Balkan War, 1912-1913.
The culmination in the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Balkan War is taking place Sunday evening in the Rhodoppe city of Smolyan in the presence of Defense Minister, Anyu Angelov.
SUNDERLAND'S Lorik Cana has revealed how the horrors of the Balkan War drive him on to be a top footballer.
UEFA officials admit that the Balkan war could cause even greater chaos in the qualifying groups before the finals in Belgium and Holland next June.
Vasil Delov, as part of Bulgaria's celebration of the 100th anniversary since the start of the Balkan War in October 1912, in which Bulgarian troops liberated much of the Bulgarian-populated parts of the Southern Balkan Peninsula from the rule of the Ottoman Empire.
BALkAN war crimes suspect Goran Hadzic has asked his jailers to keep his wife and mistress apart when they visit him in custody.
Republican criticism of President Clinton's leadership in the growing Balkan war intensified Saturday, even as pressure builds on him to prepare Americans for possibly sending ground troops into Kosovo.
A number of servicemen have claimed they became seriously ill with Balkan War syndrome after they were exposed to depleted uranium.
Suspected war criminals from the Balkan war are currently tried by a temporary tribunal in Holland.