Balkan Mountain Range

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the major mountain range of Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula

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The projects involve construction and rehabilitation of the roads system, a tunnel under the Shipka Peak of the Balkan mountain range, the Sofia airport, the seaport of Bourgas and the upgrade of river ports along the Danube.
The Troyan Pass in the Balkan mountain range remains closed for traffic.
My fixation with the myth of Orpheus led me to the lands of ancient Thrace, right to this historic city situated between the Rhodope Mountains (the legendary homeland of Orpheus), the Thracian Plains and the Balkan Mountain Range.
Other towns in the region that have significant expat populations include the rural town of Elena, south of Veliko Tarnovo and situated in the the Central Balkan Mountain range 300 metres above sea level with a substantial number of small rivers and brooks set in deep gorges and oak lined valleys.
However, some villages and towns in the area of Teteven, in the central Balkan mountain range, are without electricity for the sixth consecutive day, with the local Mayor telling BNR the situation is on the brink of civil arrest.