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an inhabitant of the Balkan Peninsula

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According to a study by the Flemish Peace Institute in Brussels, the majority of the illegal weapons in the European Union have been smuggled via the Balkan countries.
We imported food from the Balkans because we realized that the Balkan people returning to the Emirates after spending some time at home fill a good portion of their suitcases with food," says Mirko Dimkovski from EuroBalkan.
The fact that Erdoy-an has shamelessly asked the Balkan governments to shut down schools affiliated with the movement is one aspect of a campaign to eliminate any opposition to his Islamist agenda in the region.
This means that all elements in Balkan cultural examples which belong to different traditions are authentic and original, belonging to its people and belonging to the soil.
Bayraktar, as cited by the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, made clear that the investments would mostly target the sectors of energy, textile, tourism, and food industry in Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, and other Balkan countries.
Every country has its own strategy on how to deal with the floods but everyone agrees that a new regional body that will coordinate the Balkan countries during future possible disasters must be established.
D'Attile's long list of clients, Balkan Plumbing owner, David Balkan said, "I've known the D'Attile family personally and through business for over 40 years.
Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki participated in the ministerial meetings of the countries of the Visegrad Group and the Western Balkans, and the Central European Initiative (CEI) in Budapest on 30-31 October.
These claims come from certain Serbian media that write about the initiative for forming the Group of Six (G6) of Western Balkan that entails institutional cooperation between Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Serbia in context to the European integration.
The Serbian government has recognized the significance of this segment of tourism in Serbia and the whole of the Balkans, said Serbian Parliament Speaker Nebojša StefanoviA, opening the Third Balkan Spa Summit in AranAelovac, central Serbia.
The so-called "theory of translation" ("model of translation") seems to be applicable to Balkan case due to its plural character, languages and dialects as a result from excessive social and linguistic practices.
It is as if the crisis in the EU's center had not reached its Balkan periphery.
Orchestra without Borders is the name of a new musical project that will start next summer in Ohrid, Macedonia, and will perform on Balkan and European stages, Bulgarian National Radio said.
Wednesday's meeting of EU and Balkan foreign ministers aimed "to show clearly that there is not that much ground for enlargement fatigue among the member states", he said.
The conference of the Balkan leaders in Brdo near Kranj, with which they had to demonstrate their joint spirit in relation to the common idea for European future, ended with the unique Declaration that reaffirms the dedication to an all-encompassing membership in EU and with the bitterness that even this kind of a Summit cannot hide the piled-up Balkan frustrations.