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the Indonesian language of the people of Bali

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Some of the issues discussed in the book are poignantly illustrated by cartoons from the quill of two Balinese cartoonists, Jango Pramartha and Surya Dharma, as well as by photographs taken by the authors and others.
He has studied the traditional music of Bali since 1976, has formed and directed American groups that perform Balinese music (both in the United States and in Bali), has himself mastered the difficult art and technique of the Balinese kendang (the two-headed drum that leads the entire Balinese orchestra), and is currently an assistant professor of music at Yale University where he continues to teach American university students about Balinese music.
They cover, inter alia, Lempad's biography (John Darling), the Indie roots of much modern Balinese culture (Bruce Carpenter), the work of Claire Holt in recording this history (Kaja McGowan), the relationships of various Europeans to the painters (Hedi Hinzler), and the sources of the techniques and styles of Lempad's drawings (Soemantri Widagdo and Bruce Carpenter).
The interior and outdoor spaces intertwine effortlessly, offering views of the vast pool decorated with beautifully crafted Balinese statues and the infinity pool seamlessly flows to the beach and continues to the ocean.
She's very active in Balinese theater, music and dance.
The natural Balinese green tea is mixed with organic rice powder and applied lavishly to the skin to exfoA[degrees] liate and cool the skin.
Using a wonderful score by Alex Pauk and Alexina Louie, based on Colin McPhee's Balinese compositions, the film recounts his father's love of Marcel Carne's Les Enfants du Paradis, an epic romantic film of the 1940s.
This book is an account of the music of the Balinese gamelan beleganjur and the author's experiences studying and learning it.
The Studio Source IV collection also includes an Indian Jacobean, Balinese batik, Venetian plaster surfaces and French fleur de is.
Kung hunter-gatherers in Africa, Swat Pathan herders in Pakistan, and Balinese farmers in Indonesia.
I am standing stark naked in a lush Balinese ricefield.
The transmigrants, a mixture of Central Javanese from Banyumas and Balinese from Nusapenida, set to work to create sawah.
With Reflections on a Balinese Ritual, "no more than a pilot project" (p.
Parishioners touching their foreheads, lips, and hearts at the gospel, tracing a line of small crosses along their upper torsos like Balinese dancers;