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the Indonesian language of the people of Bali

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The holiday marks the start of the Balinese Hindu Saka New Year.
Far off the Indonesian resort island's tourist trail, heavily-tattooed men gather at a clandestine site where birds battle each other--usually to the death--in a gory spectacle known as tajen that meshes blood sport with ancient Balinese Hindu traditions.
Inspired by traditional Sanskrit stories of the Balinese ancient culture, The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Bali immersion begins with an orientation of Balinese wellness and traditional therapies in the spas open-air lobby.
Fortunately, the author describes the dalang's elevated position to offer social critique via comedic puppet characters, and the exposition of laughter and comedy--particularly the "presence of the comic characters to reinforce the habitus of the Balinese community"--demonstrates a grasp of aesthetic performance elements (57).
Here, the best of modern and traditional Balinese design are seamlessly integrated, reflecting the surrounding Seminyak neighbourhood, from its fashion boutiques and world-famous restaurants to its artisanal craftsmanship and architecture.
Salon Bali is the signature dining restaurant of Hotel Indigo, an intimate space with a rustic design aesthetic where refined Balinese cuisine featuring the islands traditional delicacy babi guling, or suckling pig is served as part of an 8- or 12-course menu.
The new plan will have the preserving of the Bali's ecology and Balinese culture as the primary considerations.
Then, going higher, perched in Bali's central mountains, Ubud's focus remains on Balinese culture in all its forms.
Art was consumed by the competing Balinese kings, who strove to make their palaces the most beautiful and ornate on the island.
The self-esteem of the Balinese expats is heightened by the comparison to other immigrant groups.
The Materiality and Efficacy of Balinese Letters: Situating Scriptural Practices
The visit aims to help conserve and explore the social values of Subak, the Balinese traditional irrigation system
Gusti Nyoman Lempad (1862-1978) was the most talented artist of the pre-war Balinese modernist painters, those pioneers who, in the 1920s and '30s, invented ways of responding to the desires of European travellers for souvenirs of their experiences in Bali, and at the same time initiated an expressive art form that continues to flourish today.
Radical Traditions: Reimagining Culture in Balinese Contemporary Music.
Vivienne Kruger; BALINESE FOOD; Tuttle Publishing (Nonfiction: Cooking) 16.