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wild ox of the Malay Archipelago

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Total of 100 g of hair waste of Bali Cattle samples prepared for treatment soaking process.
Comparison graph of water content of hair concentrate from Bali Cattle on a combination to different processes presented on Figure 1.
Crude protein content of hair concentrate of Bali Cattle treatment was average higher than chicken feather meal (91.
Comparison of fat content of hair concentrates from Bali Cattle at treatment concentrations of NaOH and different soaking time presented in Figure 3.
Based on the statistical analysis (Figure 3) was shows that the application of the treatment different shows no effect on the fat content Bali Cattle hair concentrate.
The results data of crude fiber content of hair concentrate produced from Bali cattle treatment NaOH concentration and immersion time differently summarized in Figure 4.
Statistical results of the data in Figure 4 was shows that different concentrations and soaking time and their interaction in the process of production of feather meal Bali cattle do not show significat effect on crude fiber content.
Based on the statistical test of data in Figure 5 was shows that the difference in concentrations of NaOH highly significant effect on the ash content of hair concentrate of Bali cattle, while soaking time different treatments and their interaction showed no significant effect.
Soaking with NaOH can change the order of mineral waste of Bali cattle hair, which consists of a carbon-carbon in the form of cysteine amino acids that make up keratin.
Comparison of physical appearance and microstructural tissue of hair waste (before soaking) with products hair concentrate (after soaking) from Bali cattle presented in Figure 6.
5M at different concentrations in the production process of hair concentrate of Bali Cattle significant effect on the protein and ash content, but has no significant effect on the water, fat and crude fiber content of hair concentrate.