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wild ox of the Malay Archipelago

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The system developed here for Bali cattle uses a 5-point scale.
The data collected in the present work show that hindquarter and shoulder shape and tissue cover, and the prominence of the vertebral transverse and spinous processes, are important identifiers of BCS in Bali cattle.
Fleshing of the hind leg (above the hock) is an indicator of condition in temperate cattle breeds (CSIRO, 2007) and in Bali cattle, but the top surface of the hindquarters of Bali cattle remains rather flat even in well-conditioned animals.
The application of liveweight prediction and body condition scoring in Bali cattle farming
Scoring system used to rank eleven anatomical features of Bali cattle Feature Score Description Coat 1-3 Appearance of the coat: 1 = rough, 2 = normal (smooth), 3 = very smooth Vertebral processes 1-5 The ends of the transverse vertebral processes in the lumbar region: 1 = very prominent, 2 = easily seen, 3 = can be seen but are covered with soft tissue, 4 = can only be seen by looking closely (e.