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a horny material from the upper jaws of certain whales


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Baleen whales, which are the largest of all whales, possess huge baleen plates in their mouths, which they use to filter out small prey such as krill and plankton from the water.
The water is then sieved out through the comb-like baleen plates and the krill are devoured.
They eat zooplankton (little marine animals called copepods and krill), which the whales scoop up and strain from seawater through their baleen plates.
Its distinguishing features include a broad, flat skull and a small number of baleen plates.
In its mouth, this whale has unusually few of the baleen plates that such whales use to filter food from the water.
The new species, named Balaenoptera omurai, also has an unusually- shaped head and a small number of baleen plates.