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a horny material from the upper jaws of certain whales


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On the basis of annual oscillations in radiocarbon content along baleen plates, Schell and Saupe (1993) estimated that the baleen grows more than 50 cm in the first year of life and then the growth rate slows markedly, e.
We then loaded the bones on a reefer (refrigerated truck), except for the 6 x 3-metre cranium complete with baleen plates, which wouldn't fit in the reefer with the other bones.
Dr Hamad Al Ghailani, community outreach manager and environmental expert, Environmental Society of Oman (ESO) explained: "You have two types of whales, those with teeth and those with baleen plates.
They open their jaws and swim straight into a school of krill, plankton, or small fish, gulping down everything in their path and pushing the water out their baleen plates.
Baleen whales, which are the largest of all whales, possess huge baleen plates in their mouths, which they use to filter out small prey such as krill and plankton from the water.
The water is then sieved out through the comb-like baleen plates and the krill are devoured.
They eat zooplankton (little marine animals called copepods and krill), which the whales scoop up and strain from seawater through their baleen plates.
In doing so, food is trapped on the baleen filter while sand and mud mix with water and pass out through the baleen plates and into the sea.