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a plant of the genus Valeriana having lobed or dissected leaves and cymose white or pink flowers

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Louis, MO, USA) with the same method described for exoglucanase (ValaUkova & Baldrian 2006).
The funny and poetic stage show, Baldrian, is a unique act with flying balloons and will showcase the slowest juggler in the world.
The sixth annual event will feature Baldrian -- the world's slowest clown, who will be performing outside Europe for the first time and has translated his act into English.
Todos estos datos concuerdan con los encontrados con Stursova y Baldrian (2011) quienes senalan que el pH mostro una correlacion negativa con la actividad de esta enzima, en tanto M.
This enzymatic potential, together with tolerance to metals that some wood-rot fungi can develop, has been used in research related to metal biosorption, biopulping, biobleaching and bioremediation of soils, industrial effluents and preserved wood that have been discarded as waste (Pointing, 2001; Baldrian, 2003; Illman and Yang, 2004; Ferraz et al.
Spirkova, M, Brozova, L, Strachota, A, Baldrian, J, Urbanova, M, Kotek, J, Strachotova, B, Slouf, M, "A View from Inside onto the Surface of Self-Assembled Nanocomposite Coatings.
The influence of nanoadditives on surface, permeability and mechanical properties of self-organized organic-inorganic nanocomposite coatings--Milena Spirkova, Adam Strachota, Libuse Brozova, Jiri Brus, Martina Urbanova, Josef Baldrian, Miroslav Slouf, Olga Blahova, and Petr Duchek
Efficacy and tolerability of Baldrian versus oxazepam in non-organic and non-psychiatric insomniacs: a randomised, double-blind, clinical, comparative study.
Baldrian, for example, really did look charming in his.
That is a sentiment echoed by Andy Baldrian, the CTO of ECM vendor, Sift: "Every [player] has to have a distinct identity to make their existence viable.
joked Damien Williams, who had travelled from Swansea with friends Jamal Meaden, Marc James and Luke Baldrian.