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a plant of the genus Valeriana having lobed or dissected leaves and cymose white or pink flowers

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Baldrian, the world's slowest clown; the popular Martin O.
Baldrian, J, Slouf, M, Duchek, P, Blahova, O, "The Influence of Nanoadditives on Surface, Permeability and Mechanical Properties of Self-Organized Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposite Coatings.
The influence of nanoadditives on surface, permeability and mechanical properties of self-organized organic-inorganic nanocomposite coatings--Milena Spirkova, Adam Strachota, Libuse Brozova, Jiri Brus, Martina Urbanova, Josef Baldrian, Miroslav Slouf, Olga Blahova, and Petr Duchek
Efficacy and tolerability of Baldrian versus oxazepam in non-organic and non-psychiatric insomniacs: a randomised, double-blind, clinical, comparative study.
Baldrian, for example, really did look charming in his.
That is a sentiment echoed by Andy Baldrian, the CTO of ECM vendor, Sift: "Every [player] has to have a distinct identity to make their existence viable.