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a person whose head is bald

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He wasn't upset over the breaking of his favorite toy, but when one of the baldies handed him a blue photocopied pamphlet describing enlightenment with many misplaced apostrophes, this set him off.
The next most popular group of lads in the survey are baldies or those with close-shaven heads.
read a headline in the Star of the following day, responding to the idea of outing closet baldies.
Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Center, Times Square and other vulnerable New York locations are bracing themselves for tomorrow's invasion of Baldies, the cute but ruthless little bald characters featured in the new multiplayer CD-ROM strategy computer game from Panasonic Interactive Media.
Glenn Mayoll, animal centre manager, said: "Often people can find these little furries and baldies a bit scary - but they make wonderful pets in the right home.
The professional footballer highlighted the plight of baldies by posting a snap on Twitter in June showing off his 30,000 pounds transplant, which gave millions more men the confidence to talk openly about transplants.
Standing next to those greyheaded senators and baldies at the White House, the Prime Minister looked fresh-faced and shiny.
Here, in front of what seemed like 150 refugees from a beards, baldies and beer guts convention (I claim two out of three), he demonstrated that he's still the most watchable guitarist in the country.
Famous fellow female baldies include Sinead O' Connor and Grace Jones but they managed to lose their manes without their dignity.
Some hospitals in this country don't have enough specialist nurses or medical equipment to run intensive care beds for babies' meanwhile the Government decides to hand out cash to find a cure for baldness that many baldies don't want.
BALDIES can take comfort from the latest US survey where 50 per cent of women say they find bald men attractive.
Rapunzel is obviously insensitive to bald audience members, or differently- haired as we must call baldies nowadays.
Famous baldies (from left): Demi Moore in GI Jane; Samantha Morton with Tom Cruise in Minority Report; Sigourney Weaver in Alien 3; Emma Thompson in Wit; Beardy boys from left: Harrison Ford in The Fugitive; Ewan McGregor in Star Wars Episode II; Tom Hanks in Cast Away; Brad Pitt for The Fountain; George Clooney in The Perfect Storm
Neil Kinnock, a man who knows a thing or two about losing elections, has warned the Tory leader that baldies never win.