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a person whose head is bald

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For a study of Muldoon's representations of hybridity, see my 'Of Beards and Breasts, Baldheads and Babies: Muldoon's Mongrel Families', in Beyond Borders: IASIL Essays on Modern Irish Writing, edited by Neil Sammells (Bath: Sulis Press, 2004), pp.
Its presence in China brings the hope of regaining thick new hair for millions of Chinese baldheads, restoring their confidence thoroughly.
According to a head of Lotus, the presence of Lotus in China will help Chinese baldheads change their fates instantly, as they will have nice, full- bodied hair, and will no longer feel self-abased and depressed due to baldness.
And moulted Tories Hague and Two-Names Smith were the last baldheads to find out the new first law of politics: if you want to get ahead, you've gotta have hair.
Crazy Baldheads, Natty Dread, Mellow Mood and War join incredible live versions of favourites like No Woman No Cry and I Shot the Sheriff.