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ornamented canopy supported by columns or suspended from a roof or projected from a wall (as over an altar)

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Gretna had another penalty appeal six minutes after the break when Baldacchino collapsed in the box but referee Dougie McDonald booked the player for diving.
Baldacchino walked after his second yellow but his gaffer insisted it was Ryan McGuffie who made the challenge that earned it - and he has the video evidence to back that up.
I've got video evidence that shows Baldacchino didn't make the foul.
It was all Gretna, however, and James Grady, David Nichols and Baldacchino all went close before the result was more or less settled when Grady struck from the edge of the box.
GRETNA: Main; Collins, Innes, Townsley, McQuilken (Aitken 46); Baldacchino, McGuffie, Nicholls (Birch 46), Skelton; Deuchar, Bingham (Boyd 33).
Winger Baldacchino suffered a freak injury during a pre-season training camp in Italy when he was stung in the eye by a bee.
Flying winger Ryan Baldacchino was beginning to come to life and he was next to try his luck with a free kick that Fahey managed to scramble round the post for a corner in the 47th minute.
GRETNA should be at full-strength with Ryan Baldacchino beating a foot injury.
Ryan Baldacchino scored the only goal in the 14th minute, firing home a low shot from the edge of the penalty area.
But it was Ryan Baldacchino who broke the deadlock when Ryan McGuffie's pass found him on the edge of the area.
Ryan Baldacchino had a hand in five of the six goals which took his side's tally to 105 for the season.
Mark Birch and Ryan Baldacchino combined to provide an opening for top scorer Kenny Deuchar, and he made no mistake after five minutes.
Bingham's quick thinking led to Gretna's opener when he took a quick free-kick to release Baldacchino down the right.
Baldacchino was back before Judge Durham Hall at Bradford Crown Court yesterday for a further hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act when her benefit figure from criminal conduct was fixed at PS13,829.