alopecia areata

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patchy baldness

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I'm the most superficial, self-obsessed character because I am Jonathan McVeigh, the fluffy newsreader who is basically all about 'how do I look and does my bald spot show?
What in my mind was my discreet but manageable bald spot is in fact the size of a dinner plate.
Sir Anthony Hopkins straps on a fat suit and a bald spot in order to transform into the legendary director, with Dame Helen Mirren playing Alma.
More to the point, William is in desperate need of a crown - to cover up that rapidly expanding bald spot.
Then they transplant the follicles to a bald spot so hair grows there.
She had a bald spot in the front and long black hair in the back, and was about 50 when she died.
Bin Laden's Bald Spot and Other Stories by Brian Doyle (Red Hen Press, 2011)
Every trip to the barbers involves the painful moment when he shows you the back of your head in the mirror and I can see the ever-increasing acreage for my bald spot.
Why, one might muse on seeing Duncan, 2002, is this bespectacled fellow in the brown and gray T-shirt, with a vast field behind him, looking down toward his feet as if he'd rather show his bald spot than his face?
I studied my chocolate bar wrapper, the exit signs, the curtain pelmet, even the bald spot on the head of the man in front - everything but the stage, where nothing of the least interest was happening.
Since I've come up here I twist my hair so hard it snaps and now I have a bald spot that my barrettes can barely cover.
But it really doesn't matter if he went ``your momma'' on Zidane, commented on his growing bald spot or claimed his sister had a wild 1999 weekend with Osama bin Laden, you don't suddenly go bighorn sheep and get tossed out in the waning moments of the biggest soccer game in four years.
When he snips off a cowlick, for example, it leaves a bald spot, and the whole student body ends up having to get checked for suspected ringworm.
Gilbert, a late-30s single traveler with a goatee, sparkling eyes, bright conversation, and a shining bald spot, arrived two days early in Barcelona, the cruise's launch point, and signed up for precruise land tours.
Using laser scanning, Createc Corporation, a supplier of beaded foam, and Bald Spot Sports, a manufacturer of custom racing seats, both located in Indianapolis, IN, have simplified the seat fabrication process.