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a large eagle of North America that has a white head and dark wings and body

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Bald eagles have fledged 270 young around Consumers Energy hydros since 1994 when the company implemented a bald eagle management plan, part of an agreement with regulators to operate river hydro generating facilities.
Observation sites are available all over the state, and several wildlife watchers have come from outside of Mississippi to see bald eagles in the state.
Not too long ago, a bald eagle flew low, right down the center of the road we were driving on.
In the past few years alone, we've planted hundreds of thousands of pine and spruce for bald eagles in places like Superior National Forest and Chippewa National Forest, home to the country's largest population of nesting bald eagles.
This year TLGV's team sighted 21 birds and Reid thinks that this indicates around 14 or 15 individual bald eagles.
This tour is a new venture for Jo, but with her understanding of the music, versatile voice and excellent stage presence, she's going to be a real hit fronting the Bald Eagles.
Both male and female bald eagles sit on the eggs in their nest, warming them for a little more than a month until the fluffy baby eaglets appear.
and the Schirmer tear test 1 can be performed easily on adult bald eagles and provide reproducible results.
VENETA - After recovering from more than a dozen deep wounds to the chest and legs, a female adult bald eagle was released at Perkins Peninsula County Park Thursday evening before a cheering crowd.
The golden eagles are 25 years old, while Mr Griffiths estimates the bald eagles are about 10 years old.
The problem drove bald eagles, our national symbol, not to mention peregrine falcons and other bird populations, to the brink of extinction, with populations plummeting more than 80 percent.
The thrill of seeing these magnificent birds from above, plus the bald eagles (all feeding on millions of salmon in the Thompson and Fraser rivers) was a sight to behold.
Juneau, Alaska) present 43 papers assembled into "the best compilation of information about Bald Eagles in Alaska.
Bald eagles bouncing back after years of decline are swaggering forth with an appetite for great cormorant chicks that threatens to wipe out that bird population in the United States.
7) (Relisting of bald eagles nesting in Arizona's Sonoran Desert subsequently occurred.