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a large shallow lake in western Hungary

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Ice duration and timing of ice-out are influenced by long-distance climate signals in Neusiedler See, Balaton, and in several Polish shallow lakes (Skowron, 2008; Dokulil and Herzig, 2009; Voros et al.
Balaton, are cyanidin 3-glucosylrutinoside (1), cyanidin 3-rutinoside (2), and cyanidin 3-glucoside (3).
The 900m tarmac loop route runs around a holiday park on the shores of Lake Balaton, the largest lake in central Europe.
Among them are Pisa in Italy, Ayia Napa in Cyprus and Balaton in Hungary.
A chain crash involving up to 60 vehicles is reported on one of these roads a M-7 a Budapest a Balaton a Austria.
22 February 2013 a[euro]" US thermal management technologies maker Gentherm Inc (NASDAQ:THRM) said Friday it finalised the purchase of Deutsche Balaton AGa[euro](tm)s (ETR:BBH) minority stake of 13.
22 February 2013 - US thermal management technologies maker Gentherm Inc (NASDAQ:THRM) said Friday it finalised the purchase of Deutsche Balaton AG's (ETR:BBH) minority stake of 13.
Fourteen-year-old Tom Williams and Tim Harry are the two representatives in the Young Masters at the Royal Balaton club from July 26 to 28, while Georgia Lewis and Megan Lockett are in the girls' competition at the same venue.
Following the championships in Germany, she will travel to Hungary to compete in the European Young Masters Tour at the Royal Balaton Golf & Yacht Club at the end of July.
28 December 2011 - German investment company Deutsche Balaton AG (ETR:BBH) said yesterday it had sold its stake in German IT and HR services provider TDS Informationstechnologie AG (ETR:TDS).
He stressed the need for more openness, equality and religious freedom in Hungary; the country of Lake Balaton, romantic Danube River, Franz Liszt and Bela Bartok.
We have been to Lake Balaton, it was the first time I was there.
The Balaton Lake was the place where the eastern and the western Germans met, separated families, friends .
The first two days of action proved to be fruitful for the Dubai team with Danish skipper Jes Gram Hansen stepping in to helm as regular Sea Dubai Sailing Team skipper Markus Wieser was busy defending his Dragon European title on Hungary's Lake Balaton.
The most important difference between the NUTS2 and resulting tourism regions is that the Lake Balaton Tourism Region, being the second most relevant destination after the Budapest-Central Danube Region, was created from parts of the Central and South Transdanubian and West Pannonian planning-statistical regions.