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a pale rose-colored variety of the ruby spinel

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However, other land grabbers - Saleem Balar Jokhio, Ameen Jokhio, Mukhtar Muhammad Jokhio, Zaheer, Agha Shah Gul, Amjad Qureshi and Abbas - managed to escape the scene.
It had merely 20 million users when Balar joined in 2007; that has now grown to over 200 million users.
There are also balar hsaing ensembles, which only give strictly instrumental performances of hsaing music and do not accompany theatrical plays or dances.
James Clark School of Engineering faculty members Ashwani Gupta and Kenneth Yu, along with graduate student Ram Balar, have successfully designed and tested a combustor for the Astrox space plane, which uses something called an inward-turning scramjet engine.
Ali soon learns that she is the "reincarnation" of the fairy queen Geea and must climb the 14,000 feet to the top of nearby Pete's Peak to claim the Yanti, a magic gate Lord Vak, king of the elves, and Lord Balar, king of the dwarves, plan to use to invade human Earth.