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Balanus improvisus, to Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Fouling-Release Coatings and Poly(methyl methacrylate) Panels: The Effect of Barnacle Size on Strength and Failure Mode.
Barnacle in vitro assays for biologically active substances, toxicity and settlement inhibition assay using mass cultured Balanus amphitrite amphitrite, Darwin.
tibi non ante verso lene merum cado cum flore, Maecenas, rosarum et pressa tuis balanus capillis iamdudum apud me est (3.
On 16 July 2004 Balanus Ltd (formally Countrywide Assured Group plc and now a
Substratum heterogeneity and complexity influence microhabitat selection of Balanus sp.
He is also believed to have funded an attempt to smuggle seven tons of cannabis into Britain on the ex-Admiralty survey ship Balanus eight years ago.
Sampling and assessment of heavy metals in balanus tissues:
3) In this context, it was demonstrated that tannins possess a narcotic effect on Balanus amphitrite (barnacle) nauplii; therefore, they became materials of interest in the field of antifouling coatings.
Zooplankton were barnacles (planktonic stages of Balanus amphitrite), copepods (mostly Cyclopods spp), and rotifers (mostly Brachionus spp).
Oyster reefs The shells of oysters support a diverse epibiotic community that can include barnacles, Balanus sp.
Experiment Species 1 2 3 Amygdalum papyrum x x Balanus eburneus x x Bulla striata x x x Caecum pulchellum x x x Calanoid copepodes x x Capitomastus aciculatus x x x Chione cancellata x Eupomatus dianthus x Grandidierella bonnierodes x x Harpacticoid copepodes x Laevicardium mortoni x x x Notonectidae x x x Mitrella lunata x Ostracods x Penaeus setiferus x Polydora ligni x x x Prionospio heterobranchia x x x Sagitella sp.
Similarly to the prevalent macroalgal species, Mytilus trossulus and Balanus improvises had patchy distribution with higher biomasses in the central and south-eastern study areas (Figs 2, 3).