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United States dancer and choreographer (born in Russia) noted for his abstract and formal works (1904-1983)

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Balanchine connection: Faculty member and former New York City Ballet principal Violette Verdy, whom Balanchine created many roles on, coaches work.
It was Balanchine whose work bridged classical and modern ballet; Balanchine who founded the New York City Ballet; and Balanchine who in 1954 turned the idea of "Nutcracker" into the biggest moneymaker the ballet world has today.
Yvonne Chouteau speaks of the need to banish emotion from her face when she danced for Balanchine.
B as possible and how his work affected choreographers and the dance world as we know it,'' says Sean Lavery, assistant to the ballet master, which is the term Balanchine used instead of ``artistic director.
Similarly, those in dance, if not intimidated by the thick musical detail, will appreciate the analyses of sonic structures to which Balanchine responded kinesthetically.
So what makes this dance meaningful to so many, especially since Balanchine is famously remembered as insisting that Serenade is a story-less ballet--nothing more than a simple dance for women on a moonlit night?
Balanchine came to America, he was impressed with the American speed and created neo-classicism for the American dancer,'' Mitchell said during a telephone interview from his office in New York City.
After our common pro forma genuflection before Balanchine (which being pro forma makes it no less sincere), it seems self-evident that a like-minded group of former dancers, administrators, foundation executives, and critics has stifled alternatives to Balanchine in the name of a sometimes pedantic, even hysterical fidelity to their own youthful memories.
The 58-year-old Farrell says that Balanchine revised ``Variations'' in 1982 for her because he couldn't remember much of his original choreography, which was done in the mid-1960s before the use of video was commonplace.
Balanchine is the backbone of classical ballet in America, and I can't believe that people are trying to put down Balanchine.
Under the directorship of Makhar Vaziev, the Kirov Ballet began acquiring the works of Balanchine, a former Georgian who was trained at the Imperial School of Ballet in St.
In 1954 he collaborated with Balanchine on Balanchine's Complete Stories of the Great Ballets, which has been reissued under various titles.
Just as his mentor George Balanchine took classical ballet and redefined it for the 20th century, Edward Villella, the artistic director of Miami City Ballet, is redefining the way ballet taps the tradition of folk dance.
Can't remember when Balanchine choreographed the movie On Your Toes?
With choreography by George Balanchine and music by George Gershwin, ``Who Cares?