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a gymnastic apparatus used by women gymnasts

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It's only really in the US that the market for more specialist nutrition bars has emerged from the relative obscurity of the sports nutrition sector and into the mainstream," says Lu Ann, "and this has been led by three players--Powerbar, Balance Bar and Clif--which pioneered the US energy bar market in the 1990s.
Based in the Northeast, Balance Bar competes in the market for nutrition and energy bars.
The July 24 Balance Bar event will involve nearly 1,000 participants at Henry Hagg Lake outside Portland.
Why else would Nestle have bought PowerBar, Kraft have bought Balance Bar, and Rexall Sundown have bought Met-Rx?
In February, its Kraft Foods, the nation's largest packaged foods company, acquired Balance Bar and Boca Burger, Inc.
The Global ReLeaf Fund also awarded $140,000 in grants for urban and international tree-planting projects, including 23,800 trees in 21 urban projects with Eddie Bauer, Ikea, and Balance Bar in San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, and Seattle.
I think Philip Morris, parent company of Kraft, which recently bought the Balance Bar brand, has a choice to make -- can it sell cigarettes and health food?
The traditional balance bar can vary from anything between 12 per cent and 25 per cent during a single brake application due to friction between the moving parts.
YOGA GRANT: Nancy McChesney-Henry, a physical education and dance teacher at Sheldon High School, is one of seven recipients nationwide of a BALANCE Bar Grant to help her design an in-depth yoga curriculum for high school students.
We'll look at other brands, such as Balance Bar, for example, that could be leveraged across their DSD system," said Betsy Holden, Kraft Foods' president and CEO, speaking at the news conference.
The Balance Bar Company in August introduced Balance Outdoor, a line of all-natural energy bars targeted at outdoor enthusiasts.
Balance Bar Company, Valhalla, NY, has launched Balance Bar BARE, Blueberry Acai.
The 40-something businessmen are taking a similar strategy to the Balance Bar 24-hour Adventure race Saturday in Santa Monica.
The 31-year-old performed on the wire for an average of five hours every day, using a balance bar but without any safety belt.
has been named president and CEO of the Balance Bar Company, one of America's original nutrition/energy bar leaders.