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a pale rose-colored variety of the ruby spinel

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Bala has spent over 2,000 hours on this project, over a period of 12 months.
But then deep in first-half injury time the Seasiders levelled the scores when Bala committed a grave defensive error following a corner and Jonny Spittle swooped.
Earlier, Asad Shah representative highlighted salient features of the project planned to residents of Piran Bala, a disconnected village from the national grid.
All his medical problems were put down to him being a coward, an anti-party clique against Bala and he was getting what he deserved.
However, Chester Zoo confirmed that Bala tested positive for an illness called elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV), which affects both wild and captive elephants.
Bala Tampoe led a strike in the Colombo port in 1963.
Yilkyes Bala, 55, of Beckenham, denied three counts of conspiracy to facilitate the breach of immigration law.
His performance is sure to put him in contention for the national award for best actor, as the movie will for Bala as best director.
from Llyn Tegid A spokesman for Bala Adventure and Watersports Centre, said the dinghy did not belong to his centre.
Citing historian Colin Ronan, Bala claims, "His whole exercise of arbitrary dismissal without presenting any counter evidence to claims by dependable Greek writers seems solely designed to support his opinion" (p.
The Old Bailey heard Bala has a personality disorder but is not mentally ill and will face jail when he is sentenced next Friday.
Proponents of the statute argue that repeal would increase the number of criminal charges against parents who are "just trying to raise their children" Professor Nicholas Bala, who specializes in child and family law at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, supports the court decision: "I think the majority correctly recognized that parents and teachers need to have a certain degree of discretion.
BALA -- Bala's loss is Wasaga Beach's gain, after the organizers of the largest Wakeboard World Cup event moves to the Georgian Bay shores and out of Northern Ontario.
Part memoir, part academic treatise, Poline Bala combines personal narratives regarding local perceptions of the border with insightful scholarly analysis.