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a port city on the Caspian Sea that is the capital of Azerbaijan and an important center for oil production

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My understanding of Winning has been aided considerably by conversations with John Baky, Jan Barry, and W.
Chattarji, Memories of a Lost War, 103; John Baky, interview with author, Philadelphia, Pa.
Mostafa SR, Khashab SK, Fouaad AS, Abdel Baky MA, Waly AM.
Mohammed Abdel Baky, an advisor to UNAIDS, told Daily News Egypt the disease is chronic and the virus is never really cured.
Abdel Baky highlighted the importance of awareness of ways to prevent the spread of the virus.
Sarhan O, Helmy T, Abou-El Ghar M, Baky MA, El-Assmy A, Dawaba M.
The people chose [President] Morsi and he came by way of the ballot box," said Mohamed Abdel Baky.
According to Sheikh Ali Abdel Baky, general secretary of the IRC, after listening to Gomaa's explanations, Al-Azhar scholars reconfirmed their refusal to any visit to Jerusalem until being freed from the Israeli occupation, a stance long preserved by the oldest university of Islamic learning.
Until then, we are trying our best to attract our guests through our [tailor made] events," says Ayman Baky, one of Tamarai's owners.
Fourth-place Marseille is letting four important players go: Cameroon's Stephane M'Bia, Ivory Coast's Baky Kone, Nigeria's Taye Taiwo and Burkina Faso's Charles Kabore.
Ashraf Abdel Baky stars in the star-studded "Yabo Dehka Ginan" (The Man with the Golden Smile), a star-studded labor of love about the life and times of legendary Egyptian comedian Ismail Yassin.