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Russian anarchist

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Thus, at the same moment that some anarchists assisted in the defense of the "transitional" period, others reinvigorated the militant component of Bakuninism by taking up arms against the dictatorship.
Armed opposition from anarchists inevitably compromised the value of Bakuninism for post-Civil war Russia.
His many misconceptions about capitalist development and his misguided struggles against Marx, together with the "small, insignificant" role of Bakuninism in the revolutionary movement, permitted no change of attitude toward Bakunin's doctrine, but there remained the image of the Bakunin who, though mistaken and misguided, "wished, like us, to destroy capitalism.
In addition to immediate commemorative tasks such as the erection of a monument to Bakunin, the committee aspired to a "comprehensive study of Bakunin's activity and teaching" as well as the "study of Bakuninism and its influence on social development.
From the October Revolution, he asserted, had emerged the "crystal clear" lesson that its "most difficult and most essential" requirement was a "new worldview," or the need for Bakuninism.