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rich Middle Eastern cake made of thin layers of flaky pastry filled with nuts and honey

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She respectfully greeted my mother, who nodded and handed her a warm, egg-shiny diamond of baklawa.
They are arranged on large, round metal trays and sold by the piece: baklawa (with phyllo pastry), ghry-bee (butter cookies), sambousek (nut cakes), and date and walnut ma'mool (with Cream of Wheat).
There are so many sweet treats, think of things like Baklawa and Kounafah.
Indigenous food items have been put on display, like mansaf, knafeh, baklawa, basbousa, and many more Arabian dishes.
The boxes will contain baklawa, dates, a laban drink and water.
The snack boxes, containing baklawa, dates, a laban drink and water will serve as a quick snack so that passengers can break their fast immediately.
Sweet-toothed fans will also tuck into 14,500 cakes, croissants and muffins, 780kg of chocolate, 5,000 baklawa and 400kg of strawberries.
But the tastiest thing of all had to be the baklawa woo mhaiabi puddings (pounds 5 for four).
Baklawa 2yo filly (Brian Meehan) 7th of 15, Newbury, 6f maiden The daughter of Zafonic shaped well on her debut in the faster-run of two divisions of the fillies' maiden.
I tried Baklawa - a selection of filo pastry bite-sized morsels filled with ground nuts and cardomom.
Le prix de l'amande, consideree comme l'ingredient incontournable pour la confection de mets a l'instar du kalb Ellouz, de la baklawa, des knidlettes et du m'khabez s'est deja envole.
From a chocolate fountain, baklawa and jelly sweets -- you name it, they've it.
Ramadan sweets are another mouthwatering spread of Katayef, umm ali, Kenafa, baklawa and more.
Break your fast with delicious appetizers, fresh healthy salads, hearty soups, tasty main dishes and a selection of tantalising desserts including Moroccan pastries, baklawa and tiramisu.
Of course, don't step out without Lebanon's famous pastry called the baklawa, which is made of layers of paper-thin dough with a filling of crushed nuts and sugar.