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a ruling by the Supreme Court on affirmative action

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The Bakke decision revealed the innermost core of Powell's character and was consistent with a life lived as a pragmatic conservative.
While the Bakke decision preserved the notion of race-based considerations in colleges and university admission policies, I want to reiterate legal scholar Derrick Bell's argument that it also afforded protection of "white skin privileges.
Since the Bakke decision in 1978, the courts have begun to render decisions that have undermined the legal and political legitimacy of affirmative action.
While the briefs did ask that the disputed admissions policy be declared unconstitutional, they "did so by means of a legal analysis that, far from insisting that any consideration of race was impermissible, did not even ask the justices to overturn the Bakke decision, the 1978 landmark ruling that .
In the 25 years since the Bakke decision, the percentage of minorities attending four-year colleges or universities has increased.
Recent lawsuits and judgments brought against colleges and universities for enacting affirmative action policies are threatening to dismantle the core principles of the Bakke decision (Regents of the University of California v.
I think the courts look like they are moving away from that type of rationale used in the Bakke decision (the 1978 decision that said universities may take race into account in college admissions).
For the many critics of the affirmative action policies that resulted from the Bakke decision, therein lies the rub.
What sets this volume apart is its focus on an empirical research question about the effect of the Bakke decision.
Supreme Court's 1978 Bakke decision, which is still the law of the land.
Embittered by the rightwing direction of the Court, and particularly the Bakke decision reversing affirmative action, he spoke out against Reagan, Bush, and his conservative colleagues, shocking the Washington establishment.