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the cardinal number that is the sum of twelve and one

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But a spokesman for the Bakers Dozen shops - whose parent company is Greggs - said it had been without the go-ahead by head office and yesterday he pledged to phase the new name out.
Sales assistants across the region's 20 Bakers Dozen shops have been selling the centuries-old treat under the new name after a unilateral decision by a manager to make the biscuit more politically correct.
Phil Baker, of Lighting Inspirations, was given the same notice last week and Bakers Dozen boss Paul Frost has been unable to negotiate an extension to his lease, which is due to run out in 18 months.
FAO Today's Enterprise FAO Bakers Dozen listing was based upon intelligence gathered from a survey conducted late last year.
And among the latest people to book their place are six staff from the Bakers Dozen shop in Splott Road, Splott, Cardiff.