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large genus of shrubby and climbing tropical plants having showy digitately compound foliage

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Abu Dhabi -- Bakeria, the unique brand name owned by Emirates General Petroleum Corporation or Emarat, keeps on enhancing its position among competing brand names, with a new venue that was inaugurated recently here by one of the companies granted the franchise rights to Bakeria and Cafe Arabica.
Dr Al Shamsi expressed his happiness and pride at the success that Bakeria has achieved, saying that its expansion is due to Bakeria's attraction of investors who wish to be granted the franchise rights to the brand name.
According to Falaknaz, the local franchise brand Emarat returns to FME this year as it continues to offer many of its brands for franchise, including Bakeria, CafE[umlaut] Arabicca and Freshplus.
In its steps to expand its trademarks in the GCC and other regions, Emarat signed an agreement and said that franchise of three trademarks will be operating in Muscat, namely Freshplus, Bakeria and Cafe Arabicca.
Summary: Emirates General Petroleum Corporation, or Emarat, has signed an agreement with an investors in the Sultanate of Oman, granting said investor franchise of three trademarks to be operating in Muscat, namely Freshplus, Bakeria and Cafe Arabicca.