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Nice baker's chocolate nose," said taster Ernie Adamo.
Ruth Graves Wakefield, who ran the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts many years ago with her husband, created the first chocolate chip cookie quite by accident - she ran out of baker's chocolate for a recipe and substituted broken pieces of a semi-sweet Nestle chocolate bar.
She intended to make chocolate cookies for her inn guests, but ran out of baker's chocolate and instead used chopped-up semisweet chocolate.
One evening in 1930, Ruth Wakefield stood in the kitchen of the Toll House Inn and realized she was out of baker's chocolate.
The dark malt emulates chocolate, but with the bitter edge of baker's chocolate.
Although Baker's Chocolate was introduced 225 years ago (in 1780), it took root 15 years earlier when Dr.
Often, Coombs explains the flavor of different grades in terms used to describe chocolate--"The light amber could be equated to a milk chocolate, medium to a semi-dark chocolate, and the commercial grade to a baker's chocolate.
The chocolate chip cookie has a rich and storied history that begins in 1930, when Ruth Wakefield, proprietress of the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts, ran out of baker's chocolate while preparing Butter Drop Do cookies for her guests.