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Starting first with the baseline, the model finds that under current climate conditions sugarcane is vastly more profitable than either bajra or jowar.
From the above discussion it can be concluded that, though the production of barley, bajra and pluses (excluded arahar) are highest in the state in India, but in the cases of other crops the production of the state is much lower.
Besides the ubiquitous chapatti, Rajasthanis make a whole basket of bread delights like missi roti, tikadia, bajra, jowar roti and puri.
3 Competitive Crop Prices, Fertilization Cost, and User Charge of Water in Maharashtra (Rs/kilogram and Rs/mm) Price Bajra Price Jowar User of Fertilizer of Fertilizer Charge of Bajra Cost Jowar Cost Water Baseline 24 -82 28.
Bajra is the principal crop having about 23 percent of the total cropped area during the year 2005-06 (Table -7).
An official of Chenab Rangers said that Indian Border Security Forces started unprovoked intensified firing and shelling in the areas of Khanore, Rurki Awana, Boladpur, Kotli Khawaja, Dhamala, Bajra Garhi, Harpal, Thathi Mindarwaal and Umranwali across the working boundary of Sialkot.
She has seven siblings and was fed on bajra rotis and rice during her pregnancy.
The rise in prices was significant on a weekly basis also, with bajra and wheat becoming dearer by 12 per cent and four per cent respectively, while rates of rice increased by two per cent.
The minister visited villages of Bajra Garhi, Harpal, DharmalaCharwah, Bhagiyaari, Umeraanwali, Kingra, Rangor and surrounding areas, which were affected by the Indian shelling.
Insights such as these make this cookbook a joy to read, even as one salivates over the pictures and the accompanying recipes of dishes such as radish thechwani ( a speciality of Uttarakhand, whose food culture is still pretty much a dark area for most of us), singhare ki poori ( made with water chestnut atta mixed with boiled potatoes), bajra khichdi and ker ki sabzi , whose recipe comes with a story that illustrates how fragile life can be for people living on the margins of development -- the popular Rajasthani speciality is made with the fruits of ker trees that grow all over the state, but when the Bhil and Garasia tribes living on the edge of the Thar Desert see ker flowers in full bloom, they fear an imminent drought.
Pawar said there is an urgent need to promote alternate crops like pulses, sunflower, bajra, fodder and vegetables as the reports pointing out a shortfall in paddy sowing.
The commodities which witnessed decreasing trend in their prices during last month including fresh fruits, poultry, fibre crops, bajra, other cereal flour, maize and nylon yarn.
Jowar, bajra, cotton and tur crops were completely wiped out in 2012 when the monsoon failed in the Kharif season.
Bajra and urad prices rose by two per cent each while condiments, spices, arhar, and fruit and vegetables became more expensive by one per cent.
Earlier, Zahid Hamid visited the Indian shelling-hit Sialkot bordering villages in Charwah, Bajra Garhi and Sucheetgarh Sectors along the Sialkot Working Boundary near Pasrur here the other day.