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Because Bajari and Hortacsu (2000) provide evidence that, despite eBay's recommendations, bidding activity is concentrated at the end of the auction, we examine potential supply-and-demand changes associated with the ending time of the auction.
For a recent overview of existing empirical literature on the effects of reputational measures in online auctions, see Bajari and Hortacsu (2004).
Pat Bajari, University of Michigan and NBER; Stephanie Houghton, Duke University; and Steve Tadelis, University of California, Berkeley, "Bidding for Incomplete Contracts: An Empirical Analysis"
Highway construction auctions have been examined in a number of papers, including Thiel (1988), Porter and Zona (1993), Jofre-Bonet and Pesendorfer (2000a,b) and Bajari (2000).
Patrick Bajari, NBER and Duke University, and Ali Hortacsu, NBER and University.
Tenders are invited for Supply, stacking and Spreading of Good Earth, Cdm, Jamuna Sand, Red Bajari, Noc, Chemical Fertilizer, Pvc Pipe Etc At Site Maintenance of Distt.
Gordon Two Centuries of Economic Growth: Europe Chasing the American Frontier 10663 Olivier Deschenes The Economic Impacts of Climate Michael Greenstone Change: Evidence from Agricultural Profits and Random Fluctuations in Weather 10664 Josh Lerner A Model of Forum Shopping, with Jean Tirole Special References to Standard Setting Organizations 10665 Patrick Bajari An Empirical Model of Stock Analysts' John Krainer Recommendations: Market Fundamentals, Conflicts of Interest, and Peer Effects 10666 Jesse Rothstein Good Principal or Good Peers?
See Bajari and Hortacsu (2004) for a full description of the eBay marketplace and its reputation system.
According to HESCO spokesman, those who have been promoted from junior engineers to senior engineers included Tariq Bajari, Farooq Afghan, Malik Imtiaz-ul-Haq, Qaim Khan Khushk, Khalid Ali Chishti, Hafeezullah Shaikh, Madan Lal and Saleem Raza Bhanbhro.
Sh Supply And Stacking Of Earth Cow Dung Manure Red Bajari Jamuna Sand Supply Of Rcc Bench M S Dust Bin Provision Of Aravli Tree Plants S
Patrick Bajari, University of Minnesota and NBER, and Gregory Lewis, Harvard University, "Procurement Contracting with Time Incentives: Theory and Evidence"
Sand Red Bajari Insecticide Neem Oil Cake Wormy Compost Plants Precast Bench Urea Digging Holes Preparation Of Shrubbery Etc At Site.
A second approach (Aguirregabiria and Mira 2007; Bajari, Benkard, and Levin 2007; Pakes, Ostrovsky, and Berry 2007) uses a two-step estimation procedure to get around the multiplicity problem.
Bajari and Hortacsu (2003) documented a similar pattern.