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a mountainous peninsula on northwest Mexico

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In the Mexican state of Baja California state civil protection director Alfredo Escobedo said a man was killed when his home collapsed just outside of Mexicali, while a second man died when he panicked as the ground shook, ran into the street and was struck by a car.
On 26 January 1937, almost 400 protesters, tired of waiting for the Baja California state government to process their demands for land, seized several ranches owned by the US-based Colourado River Land Company in Mexico's Mexicali Valley between the American border and the Sea of Cortes.
Baja California state attorney General Romel Moreno claimed seven of the dead had their tongues cut out and a bag containing severed body parts was found at the scene.
Baja California State Secretary of Tourism, Oscar Escobedo, was in Rosarito Beach to start the event.
vacationers and retirees who might permanently move there also is strong, especially at locations like Cabo San Lucas, in Baja California state, at Puerto Vallarta, in Jalisco state, and at Cancun, in Quintana Roo state.
The Sempra terminal permit is being challenged in Mexican courts and is being investigated by the Baja California state legislature.
While the government of Baja California state and members of the PAN were held responsible for their role in the case, the Cath olic Church, who was also responsible, seemed to escape criticism.
MEXICO: A plane carrying 32 passengers and crew members crash landed safely in Mexico's rural Baja California state after its twin engines failed shortly after takeoff.
Martin Cardenas Meza also is wanted by Mexican authorities for a kidnapping, shooting at police, and escaping from a Baja California state prison, police said.
David MuSoz, Director General of the Baja California State Commission of Energy.
In June 2014, the high court ruled that a clause in the Baja California state Constitution that prohibited same-sex marriage was in violation of the federal Constitution.
40pm (2240 GMT) on Sunday, said Alfredo Escobedo, the civil protection director of Baja California state, where Mexicali is located.
One person died when a house in Mexicali collapsed, Alfredo Escobedo, director of emergency services in Baja California state, Mexico, told Reuters.
Baja California state legislators opened an official inquiry into a US$800 million liquefied natural gas terminal project, while Sempra Energy insisted it had complied with all federal, state and local laws.
Authorities said Friday that the soldiers brought in from Mexico City would replace the entire 87-member federal police force in Baja California state, which borders California.