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a deceptive way of selling that involves advertising a product at a very low price in order to attract customers who are then persuaded to switch to a more expensive product

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Abortion advocates are accusing operators of crisis pregnancy centers of using bait-and-switch tactics in an effort to keep women from obtaining abortions.
One view is that this is a subtle form of bait-and-switch.
Greg LeRoy exposes a bait-and-switch scam, naming actual corporate names in a discussion of the rigged corporate development system which promises much but seldom delivers, in exchange for lucrative agreements.
In another scam, Frankel employed a kind of bait-and-switch tactic.
So was born withholding, which Shlaes calls "the most ambitious bait-and-switch plan in America's history.
They are Nikki (Frances O'Connor) and Al (Matt Day), twentyish lovers with reform-school backgrounds who make a living through bait-and-switch tactics.
In a twist on the classic bait-and-switch - a Red bait-and-switch, if you will - that metaphorical authority known somewhat quaintly as "The Man" morphs into The Back Door Man.
The settlement, the largest ever granted in Washington for a deceptive advertising case, follows a lawsuit the Attorney General's Office filed in 1993 claiming Smith's sales staff conducted bait-and-switch sales tactics, deceptively advertised credit terms, and frequently promoted sales in which prices did not significantly change from regularly priced merchandise.
As it deceived mortgage customers with a bait-and-switch loan scheme, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has asked Amerisave Mortgage Corp.
The projects thrown at the contestants of Bravo's new series "Top Design" make for good bait-and-switch entertainment.
It's odd that a book about the naming of products would have so misleading a rifle, but The Making of a Name: The Inside Story of the Brands We Buy has bait-and-switch written all over it.