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national capital of Kiribati

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Told to hold, the marines did, aided by unceasing fire from destroyers and howitzers now in place on Bairiki.
the estimated sustainable yield of the Betio and Bairiki lenses of 1,000 [m.
The local Bairiki Rotary Club has provided finance to print a copy of the dictionary for every school and clinic in Kiribati, as well as every family of deaf students.
The evening began with a welcome by Geoff Hadwen, Division Manager - Northern who showed his support for the initiative, before the groups began working on the assigned settlements of: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea; Jittu, Fiji; and Bairiki, Kiribati.
South Tarawa's main urban areas of Bairiki, Betio and Bikenibeu have a combined population of 24,171.
Rehabilitation of Paved Roads in Betio & Bairiki.